Product BrochureThe QuickTOCpurity TOC Analyzer

QuickTOCpurity Provides Chemical-free TOC in Pure Water

Fast, Accurate, Low-maintenance Monitoring of TC, TOC, TIC, and DOC



LAR's QuickTOCpurity is an on-line measuring system for the determination of total carbon (TC), total organic carbon (TOC), total inorganic carbon (TIC) and dissolved organic carbon (DOC) according to DIN EN 1484, ISO 8245 and EPA 415.1.

As industries become increasingly dependent on pure water, on-line TOC analysis has become the preferred (and often required) method to validate purity and protect against contaminants that threaten expensive systems, public safety and product quality.

The QuickTOCpurity easily satisfies the most stringent TOC monitoring requirements wherever pure water is produced or consumed. Some examples include Water for Injection (WFI) in biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry, boiler condensate reclaim in the power industry, RO and DI water for the microelectronics industry, and municipal drinking water treatment.

Thermal combustion technology
The QuickTOCpurity has been engineered to work without the aid of expensive catalysts by using temperatures of more than 1,200°C, well in excess of the current state of the art for online thermal catalytic oxidation which uses temperatures of only 680° to 1,000°C. Operating at these temperatures enables the QuickTOC-purity to quickly, completely oxidise even difficult-to-combust compounds, regardless of their composition.

Fast and precise measuring results
The QuickTOCpurity operates in a continuous batch mode, producing results every three to five minutes. This guarantees the detection of even brief, transient peaks throughout the day.


• Catalyst-Free Technique
• Highest Combustion Temperature (1200°C)
• Easiest Calibration and Validation
• Menu-Guided Operation
• Closed System Design Resists Sample Contamination
• Rapid Response-Time of 3 - 5 Minutes
• High Reproducibility
• Low Cost of Operation
• Infrared Detection
• Low Maintenance
• TNb Detection Available
• Dual Channel Measurement Option

Technical Specifications for the QuickTOCultra

Measurement Technique and Sample Preparation

Measurement Method Thermal oxidation at 1200°C
Meas. Ranges (mg/L) 0.1–20 mg/l (ppm), 1–2,000 µg/L (ppb), others available
Parameters TOC, combinable with COD and TNb
Response Time TC 3 minutes (TOC)
Calibration Type Multi-point Calibration
Calibration / Validation QuickCalibration with a gas standard

Dimensions and Weight

Housing Steel IP 54, powder coated
Options Stainless steel, IP 65, ATEX Zone 1 and 2 for T3, T4 classes
Dimensions 700 x 1020 x 520 mm (W x H x D)
Weight 115 kg (Standard)

Electric and Hydraulic Specifications

Inflow & Outflow Tube 4.8mm ID
Power Supply 230 /115 V, ~50 / 60 Hz
Analog Output 0/4– 20 mA
Serial Interface RS 232
Safety 10 A internal, 16 A external
Remote Control Through TCP/IP Protocol (Internet)

Equipment Devices and Data Output

Display TFT Touchscreen Graphic Display, 10.4-inch high resolution, backlit
Autostart Automatic Re-start function built-in as standard
Software Self-explanatory, menu-guided software
Data interface to office PC USB

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