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LAR Process Analysers AG was founded in 1986 as a customer-oriented company with the corporate objective to develop, manufacture, and distribute technically advanced instrumentation for environmental measurement and related services. The major portion of LAR's product range is internally-developed, and consists primarily of water analyzers for the continuous analysis of water, process water and wastewater.

In 1989, the company achieved a special award from the State of Berlin for environmental technology, specifically for the EloxMonitor, an on-line analyser for the determination of the chemical oxygen demand (COD). Since then, the customer-oriented development of innovative products has been cultivated as the core of our company's philosophy. In 1996, LAR received a combined special award for environmental engineering by the Federal States of Berlin and Brandenburg for the NitritoxMonitor®.

LAR Process Analysers AG gained world-wide recognition with the development of analyzers for measurement of TOC (QuickTOC®) and COD (QuickCOD® or Elox100). These analyzers stand out for the accuracy and precision of their measurements, their low cost of ownership and their long durability.

In 2006 LAR Process Analysers AG celebrated the remarkable success of developing its 21st product in 20 years with the QuickTOC®effluent. This achievement was made possible by the hard work of all members of staff, of whom LAR is rightly proud.

LAR's products span many parameters, including: BOD (Biomonitor), COD (QuickCOD and Elox Series), TOC ( QuickTOCultra, QuickTOCPurity, QuickTOCeffluent), Ammonia (Ammonitor), Total Nitrogen (QuickTON), Toxicity (NitritoxMonitor), and sampling systems (Flow Sampler)

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