Chemitec: Manufacturer of Process Analytics

Chemitec Manufactures a Wide Family of Probes and Meters

Conductivity, pH, ORP, Dissolved Oxygen, Turbidity, Suspended Solids and More

Founded in 1974, Chemitec has decades of experience in the design and manufacture of water quality analyzers, photometric systems and remote communication systems. Chemitec manufactures many of its own products, focusing on environmental compliance monitoring and industrial process control.

Most recently, Chemitec developed the Series 50 controller, a digital, multi-parameter analyzer supporting a family of plug-and-play sensors that are hot-swappable and auto-recognized. Usin the Series 50 with pairs of sensors reduces the total number of controllers needed. Since the Series 50 works with any sensor pairs in its digital family, this controller is ideal for system integrators and plants requiring a variety of analytical measurements.

UL / CSA Certificate of Conformity

UL/CSA Certificate of Conformity