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World-class Wastewater Monitoring Instrumentation

Innovative Technology for Process Optimization

Strathkelvin is the world's leading supplier of precision respirometry and dissolved oxygen instruments for the Biomedical Research, Wastewater Treatment, and Product Testing markets.

Strathkelvin's own research and development of new products and services continuously produces world class products. In Wastewater Treatment we have developed Strathtox™, a world leader in closed cell respirometry and have launched Bio-scope a first in portable in plant bacterial analysis.

Our most recent innovation is the ASP-Con Activated Sludge Plant Controller, which continuously monitors DO, Temperature, Ammonia, Potassium, pH, MLSS, SVI/SSVI, TSS, RAS, Nitrification Levels, Oxygen Uptake Rate, Specific Oxygen Uptake Rate, Critical Oxygen Concentration Points, and Toxicity. This wealth of information enables unprecedented process control in aerobic wastewater treatment.

Products: Strathtox, AS Bioscope, ASP-Con


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