Chemitec Series 50 ControllerSeries 50 Multi-parameter Controller

One Controller, One Family of Sensors

Simple, Powerful, Affordable


Complete and flexible system for a wide range of applications in water treatment with easy to use software and automatic recognition of sensors: available in configurations for (a) up to two, (b) up to four, or (c) up to eight simultaneous measurements, comprised of any combination of the parameters listed below.

Equipped with two RS485 serial ports: one (1) for sensors with RS485 digital interface and MODBUS RTU protocol and one (1) opto-isolated for the connection with the communication devices (Setup Computer, Remote Control Terminals etc.) of the local networks.

Incorporates a Real Time Clock (clock with date) which allows the software to archive the data chronologically to the flash memories also used for storing LOG files of the events.

Connectable to 50 Series
the whole range of Chemitec digital sensors and expandable to conventional electrodes and probes through the AD series digitizer


▲ pH/ORP
▲ Dissolved Oxygen
▲ Conductivity
▲ Turbidity
▲ Suspended Solids
▲ Oxidants
      ► Chlorine
      ► Chlorine Dioxide
      ► Ozone
      ► Chlorites
      ► Hydrogen Peroxide
      ► Peracetic Acid (PAA)
▲ Nitrates (ISE, chloride-compensated)
▲ Ammonium (ISE, Potassium compensated)

User Interface (HMI) Programming keypad with 5 bubble-keys with
• CAL Key for direct access to the Calibration menu
• GRAPH/USB Key for direct access to the Measure graphs and for data download to USB PENDRIVE
• MODE Key for self-recognition of sensors

Graphic TFT color LCD resolution 480x272 visible area 95x93 which allows the simultaneous display of digital measurements

Software and Functions

Internal Data Logger (64 Mbit cache) with ability to store up to 250,000 records and to display stored data in tabular and graphic form.

Data download to USB PENDRIVE or through RS485 and C_NET dedicated SW.

Programmable Analog Outputs for repeating the measurements, PID control and temperature. (with the first and the second set on the same parameter, the third can be set as the average of the other two.


Hardware features, software features and functions 50-Series

Display Graphic TFT color LCD
Resolution 480 X 272
Languages Italian, English, French, German, Spanish, Russian
Keypad 5 bubble-keys [▼] [▲] single keys and [GRAPH/USB] [ESC/MODE] [ENTER/CAL] keys with double functions available
Datalogger Internal Flash 64Mbit Memory up to 250,000 records with a recording interval of 15 sec up to 120 minutes
Recording method Circular (F.I.F.O.) or Filling
Display of stored data         in tabular and graphic form, with indication of maximum, minimum and average values of the selected period. Zoom function.
PID Control Settable functions P [Proportional] ; PI [Proportional – Integral] and PID [Proportional – Integral – Derivative]
Activation On analog or digital output
Proportional range 0 to 500 percent
Time Integral and/or derivative 0:00 ÷ 5:00 min
Analog Outputs Four (4) programmable ; 0/4 ÷ 20 mA ; Galvanic separation ; 1KV
Optoisolator ; Maximum load 500 Ohm ; Output limits user
programmable between measuring ranges
Alarm output NAMUR ; 2.4 mA [with range 4 ÷ 20 mA ]
Digital Outputs Six (6) ; Switching Relays usable as NO ; Maximum resistive load|3A at 230VAC
Set Point (4) Working range setting (Hysteresis/direction) ; pause/working time setting 000 ÷ 999 Seconds ; PID Control ; Pulse Frequency or PWM
Alarm/Wash (2) Alarm: Instrument failure, min/max value, set point delay, permanence time (live check) ; Delay time ; Set Point disabling (in case of alarm): Enable/Disable
Wash: Programmable interval (minimum 15 minuts) and duration between 00:00 ÷ 24:00 hh:mm; during the washing phase, all digital and analog outputs are frozen
Digital Inputs (2) To disable dosing or activate wash cycle
Input voltage 24 VDC/AC
Power consumption        10mA max
Serial Ports/Outputs RS485 programmable for set-up and Real Time data acquisition from remote or download stored data (using dedicated SW)
Baud Rate 1200 ÷ 38400
Communication protocol MODBUS RTU ; on request PROFIBUS DP SLAVE, CANopen, Ethernet, Devicenet, Modbus TCP, Profinet
Manual controls Able to simulate all analog and digital outputs using the keyboard
Power Supply 90÷240 VAC/DC 47– 63 Hz [on request 24VAC/DC]
Transformer isolation 4KV
Power consumption Less than 6W
Electrical protection EMI / RFI CEI-EN55011 – 05/99
Mounting Wall
Housing material ABS Gray RAL 7045
Dimensions (HxWxD) 144 x 144 x 122.5 mm
Mounting depth 122.5 mm
Mechanical protection IP 66
Weight 1 Kg
Operating temperature 0 ÷ 50°C
Humidity 10 ÷ 95% non-condensing
Storage and transport -25 ÷ 65°C


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