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Quick, Easy, Portable Respirometer for Activated Sludge

Analyze bacteria performance in your Wastewater Treatment Plant in real-time

AS BioscopeInformation is at your fingertips with our hand-held portable Activated Sludge analyzer.

▲ OUR (Oxygen Uptake Rate)
▲ DO (Dissolved Oxygen)
▲ Critical Oxygen Point
▲ Temperature
▲ Settlement

This simple to use instrument quickly measures bacteria performance in aerobic wastewater treatment facilities providing valuable information in the following application areas:

• Biodegradation rate profiling. Assess plant performance in minutes.
• Bacterial health by comparing the current sample with the last ten measurements at a specified point.
• Energy Optimization by determining the critical oxygen point.
• Measure DO/Temp. at any point in your plant including RAS lines and Clarifiers.
• Measure SVI and SSVI


▲ MS Windows touch-screen interface
▲ Software automatically calculates OUR and Critical Oxygen point
▲ Simple data transfer to PC
▲ Measuring point history file created
    • Remotely at your PC
    • In the field via touch screen
    • Bar-code location ID in the field
▲ Automatic temperature compensation


▲ Sensor: Luminescent Dissolved Oxygen sensor (LDO)
▲ Data Storage: Bioscope Tablet/SD card or USB thumb drive
▲ Environmental: Altitudes up to 2000m (~6560 ft.)
  Pollution Degree 1
  0°C to 40°C Ambient Temperature
  20 to 80% RH.
▲ Safety: Complies with EN61010-1
▲ Storage temperature range: -20 to +60°C
▲ MC Compliance: EN50081-1 and EN50082-1
▲ Weight (dry): 5kg. With carrying case 12kg
▲ Power: Three Rechargeable batteries type 18650
▲ Operating System: MS Windows Tablet; Dell Venue 8 Pro 5830

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