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  • TOC Analyzers from LAR The QuickTOCultra
    The QuickTOCultra is the latest in LAR AG's line
    of high temperature combustion TOC analyzers.
    Through oxidation at 1200 degrees C, all organic
    and in-organic carbon is completely oxidized,
    providing a catalyst-free TRUE TOC measurement
    The QuickTOCultra is EPA Method 415.5-compliant
    and is configurable to monitor up to 6 streams.
  • Activated Sludge Control
    The Activated Sludge Plant Controller (ASP-CON)
    provides unprecedented process control in aerobic
    wastewater treatment. Fully automated multi-
    parameter analytics provide a continuous stream of
    data directly to your control system.
  • Chemitec Analytical Family
    Our family of high-quality analytical instruments
    provides compliance and process control in
    regulated discharge and industrial process
    streams. Parameters include:
    - pH/ORP
    - conductivity
    - turbidity
    - suspended solids
    - dissolved oxygen
    - chlorine
    - more
  • QuickCODlab The QuickCODlab
    Measure Oxygen Demand without chemicals or
    reagents in only three minutes. The QuickCODlab
    uses combustion at 1200°C to measure Total
    Oxygen Demand with no byproducts:
    - more

Welcome To Liquid Analytical Resource, LLC

On-line Monitoring for Water, Wastewater & Process Industries.

Liquid Analytical Resource, LLC is a U.S. company dedicated to helping our customers lower their processing costs while improving water quality, and reducing non-compliant waste through online process monitoring, analysis and control. Our customers benefit from service and support throughout North America, provided by factory-authorized service technicians with many years of experience in process analyzers.

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Liquid Analytical Resource, LLC provides sales, service and support for a unique family of analytical instrumentation. The companies we represent design and manufacture industry-leading on-line analytical technology to detect and measure contaminants and biological activity in water and wastewater. Parameters include: TOC, COD, BOD, nitrogen, toxicity, respiration inhibition, dissolved oxygen, pH, ORP, conductivity, suspended solids, turbidity, and oxidants such as chlorine, chlorine dioxide, ozone, peracetic acid, nitrate, ammonium, ammonia-based aeration control and more.


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WEFTEC 2023, Booth #4736
McCormick Convention Center Chicago, IL
October 2 - 4, 2023

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In this webinar, we discuss how these measurements differ, and how to match the right one for your application.
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Combustion TOC

A discussion of the advantages of the 1200°C High Temperature Combustion TOC method. In this webinar, find out how you can lower operating costs while increasing the range and accuracy of your TOC measurements.
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In aerobic wastewater treatment only respirometry can provide direct information on the health of your biomass. Schedule this free webinar to find out how portable, bench-top, and in-situ respirometers can help you track sources of toxic influent or isolate inefficiencies in your plant.
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