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Accurate, Fast Measurement of Total Bonded Nitrogen (TNb)

The QuickTONb from LAR AG provides rapid nitrogen analysis

Typical applications include process control in the chemical and petrochemical industries and monitoring of influent and effluent in both industrial and municipal wastewater treatment plants.

  • Product Overview

  • Technical Specifications

On-line analyzer for automatic, reagent-free measurement of the true total bonded nitrogen (TNb) according to DIN 38409 chapter 27, ISO TR11905-2 and ENV 12260, in solids-free wastewater or process water streams, standard version for one sampling point, optional two streams, continuous output of results for monitoring and controlling.

Installation of an EC-cell or alternatively a chemiluminescence detector for the analysis of nitrogen oxide in the gas phase for on-line determination of the total nitrogen content according to ENV 12260, incl. piping.

Analytical system consisting of high temperature oxidation furnace with a working temperature of more than 1,200 °C for determination of the total nitrogen content, continuously flow-through sample vessel with magnetic stirrer, vessel for calibration solution, sample transfer and injection module with septumless injection port, acid filter and carrier gas cooler.

The possibility to combine the analyzer with the measuring of the chemical oxygen demand (COD) or the total organic carbon (TOC) is given.

Control / evaluation level with industrial CPU, menu-driven, self-explanatory software with integrated help files, splash-water-protected keypad, 10'4 '' Graphic-LCD-screen, presentation of the measured values in graphical or in table form, display of calibration values, daily protocol or 24-hours graph, data storage for one year. Memory card storing the operational software for automatic startup in the event of power loss or interruption, automatic calibration procedure.

QuickTONMeasuring method: thermal combustion with a working
temperature of more than 1,200 °C
Injection system: septumless injection port for thermal reactor
Measuring range: 0 - 200 mg/l N
other ranges on request
Sample volume: varying between 10 - 600 microliter
Particle size: up to 0,8 mm according to ISO 8245 (in the analyser)
Handling equipment: 10,4 '' Graphic- LCD- screen
splash- water- protected keypad
automatic startup
data storage for one year
presentation in 24- hours- graph
Analogue output: 0/4 to 20 mA
Serial interface: RS 232
Status output: 4 relay contacts
Ambient conditions: non- aggressive environment, ambient
temperature 5 up to 35 °C
Power supply: 230/ 115 V, 50/ 60 Hz
other voltages on request
Cabinet protection: IP 54, glass door
Dimensions: 1,020 mm x 700mm x 520 mm (H x W x D)
Weight: approx. 120 kg

Product: LAR, Type: QuickTONb
or equivalent type

Sample preparation

Option FlowSampler:
The FlowSampler is used for filtration-free sample preparation for continuous measurement systems by mass separation, a free maintenance and a blockage-free device. The sample will be led through the FlowSampler and drawn off through a thin-walled pipe against the direction of the mainflow.

Flow rate of pipe water: 5 – 10 m3/h

Product: LAR, Type: FlowSampler
or equivalent type

Desired product/Type
Type: ............................................................

Option Homogenizer:
Homogenizer for continuosly homogenisation of the sample depending on the measurement cycle of the QuickTONb.

Carrier gas preparation

Option Reagent cabinet for QuickTOC with air preparation unit for QuickTOC:
Consisting of:
Housing with air pump, drain valve, filter and sample container for deionized water
and chemicals for production of CO2-free carrier gas. Mounting on LAR mounting
rack or wall.

Product: LAR, Type: Reagent cabinet
or equivalent type

Option Cartridge filter:
Cartridge filter for ambient air, condition at mounting plate

Cabinet options

Option NEMA 4X:

Option Ex-Zone II ATEX:
QuickTOC option for Ex zone 2 ATEX, pressurization system

Option external keyboard for ex zone II:

Option Ex-Zone I ATEX:
QuickTOC option for Ex zone 1 ATEX, pressurization system

1st stream options

Option high salt:
Installation of an additional gas purifying and further hardware changes, e.g. control of the system pressure for total salt concentration > 1% (equates to 10 g/l).

With the high temperature of 1.200 °C the salt will be completely melted and blockages will be avoided. Salts have no bearing on the measurement.

Option automatic ranging

Option Extension for COD_o measurement:

Option TNb measurement (EC-cell):
Extension for TNb- measurement
Measuring ranges 0,1 – 50 mg/ l
10 – 200 mg/ l
100 – 1.000 mg/l

2nd stream options

Option Extension for 2nd sample stream:
Software extension, installation of an additional pump and piping for the additional measuring channel.

Option TOC direct method for 2nd sample stream:
Additional installation of another measuring stream for TOC direct method.

Option Additional NDIR- detector 100 – 50.000 mg/l, 3% NDIR for TC measurement:
Additional infrared detector for the second sample channel, measuring range from 100 - 50.000 mg/l C, ready for operation.

Option Additional NDIR- detector 5 – 4.000 mg/l, 2000ppm NDIR for TC measurement:
Additional infrared detector for the second sample channel, measuring range from 5 - 4.000 mg/l C, ready for operation.

Option Additional NDIR- detector for TC measurement:
with 500ppm-CO2-NDIR



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