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QuickTOCultra Monitors Total Organic Carbon

Fast, Accurate, Low-maintenance Monitoring of TOC, COD, TOD or Nitrogen


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This high temperature analyzer measures TOC by combustion.
At 1200°C all organics are reduced to CO2, and then measured with an NDIR detector. The QuickTOCultra complies with US EPA approved method 415.1 and is appropriate for use in municipal and industrial applications in waters ranging from high purity to viscous waste streams with high solids and salts. In addition to the standard housing, industrial housings are available for NEMA 4X, Class 1 Div 2 & Zone 2


• US EPA 415.1-compliant method
• Only TOC analyzer that monitors up to six streams
• Monitors any combination of TOC, COD, TOD or Nitrogen
• Only analyzer available with optional built-in COD, TOD and Nitrogen analysis
• Auto-ranging available between multiple NDIR detectors for streams with widely varying loads.
• Models available to monitor from ultra-pure water to high-solids waste streams
• Operating at 1200°C, the highest temperature combustion analyzer available.
– no reagents for TC. For TOC, only distilled water and a small amount of inexpensive acid required.
• Tolerant of high solids and salts – decades of proven performance, even in viscous streams
• "True TOC" – 1200°C combustion captures ALL organics, including volatile and "difficult to combust" organics that may be lost with other methods.
• Optional conditioner scrubs ambient air to provide dry, CO2-free carrier gas – no bottled oxygen required
• Low maintenance design provides high reliability – 98% availability
• Fast – TC in only one minute, TOC in three minutes. Compare to 15 minutes for UV persufate analyzers.
• Secure – three levels of end-user configurable security
• Industrial housings available for NEMA 4X, Class 1 Div 2 and Zone 2
• Support through US-based service personnel
• Preventive Maintenance training available

QuickTOCultra Video on YouTubeYouTube Video:
Webinar: Comparing BOD, COD & TOC:

QuickTOC DiagramMeasurement Technique and Sample Preparation
Method Thermal oxidation
Ranges 0.1–200 mg/l, 5–4,000 mg/L, 100–50,000 mg/L TOC, others available
Response Time 3 minutes (TOC)
Sample Prep. Maintenance-free particle cutter
Optional homogenizer for continuous sample homogenization
Dimensions and Weight
Housing Steel IP 54
Options Stainless steel, IP 65, ATEX Zone 1 and 2 for T3, T4 classes
Dimensions 700 x 1020 x 520 mm (W x H x D)
Weight 115 kg
Electric and Hydraulic Specifications
Inflow & Outflow Tube 30 mm ID or screw thread connection DN 25
Auxiliary Energy 230 /115 V, ~50 / 60 Hz
Analog Output 0/4– 20 mA
Serial Interface RS 232 for remote control (option)
Safety 2/6 A internal, 16 A external
Remote Control Through TCP/IP Protocol (Internet)
Equipment Devices and Data Output
Display: High res. 10.4-inch backlit LCD touch screen
Autostart function
Self explanatory software
Data Interface: USB





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