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TOC, COD and TOD - A Comparison of BOD Surrogates 


Biological Oxygen Demand is a commonly listed reporting requirement on discharge permits. Since BOD is a bio-assay, at least five days is required to perform the test, making it nearly useless for process control. So it is no surprise that getting a rapid, accurate BOD value has always been wanted, but has remained elusive.

WHAT YOU WILL LEARN: This webinar examines several alternative measurements, explores their theoretical basis, compares the differences of each measurement's chemistry, and highlights disruptive conditions that contribute to non-linear results.

THE 1200°C ADVANTAGE: Using the 1200°C combustion method, our analyzers can be configured to report organic carbon, oxygen demand and total nitrogen without the use of catalysts or oxidants. The unsurpassed speed, accuracy and range of these analyzers - combined with the freedom from chemical reagents - make it the analyzer of choice by many engineering firms for the most demanding applications.

A UNIQUE MEASUREMENT: Manufacturers offering on-line COD typically measure TOC and use this as an equivalent to COD. TOC offers a mostly linear BOD alternative where chemistry is fairly unchanging, but when industrial influent is present, TOD is more likely than TOC to be linear to the final BOD value. Since, as with BOD, the method directly measures oxygen depletion, it can be described as measuring the same O2 "species". While not widely known, TOD provides complete oxidation of a sample in only three minutes.

The many uses of respirometry in wastewater treatment

Respirometers - Laboratory, Portable and In-situ. An overview of the benefits and features of each platform.

Unlike the indirect information provided by most analytical instruments, respirometers provide quick, accurate information on sludge health. Comparing results over time, respirometry easily detects toxicity, nitrification inhibition, aeration efficiency, Effective Concentration (EC50), critical oxygen point, and much more.

Environmental Monitoring and Industrial Process Control

Probes and Controllers to monitor a range of parameters that are important to industry and municipal water and wastewater treatment.
This webinar discussed the technologies used to measure pH/ORP, O2, Conductivity, Turbidity, Suspended Solids, Oxidants, Nitrate, Ammonium, and more.

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