Product BrochureThe QuickTOCuv Persulphate TOC Analyzer

QuickTOCuv Monitors Total Organic Carbon

Monitoring of TOC, COD, TOD or Nitrogen in accordance with EPA Method 415.2


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On-line analyzer for discontinuous, automatic measurement of the true solute total carbon (TOC / DOC) in solids-free water samples according to EN 1484, ISO 8245 and EPA 415.2 in condensate water, standard version for one sampling point, optional two streams, continuous output of results for monitoring and control.

The analytical system consisting of UV-reactor for oxidation of solute organic carbon, sample vessel for standard solution, sample transfer and precision tubing pump, acid filter, carrier gas drying and infrared analysis system.

Control / evaluation level with industrial CPU, menu- driven, self- explanatory software, splash- water- protected keypad, 8,4 '' Graphic- LCD- screen, presentation of the measured values in graphical or in table form, 24- hours graph, storage of data for 30 days. Memory card storing the operational software for automatic startup in the event of power loss or interruption.


• QuickTOCuv
TC/ DC method
TOC/ DOC direct method

Measuring method:
Photochemical reactor with persulfate and sulfuric acid in accordance with EPA Method 415.2
TC/ TC, anorganic carbon stays
TOC/ DOC after expulsion of the anorganic carbon

Measuring ranges:
0 – 1 ppm
1 – 50 ppm
10 – 100 ppm
50 – 500 ppm
100 – 1,000 ppm
other ranges on request

CO2 detector: NDIR gas analyzer
Particle size: less than 20µm according to ISO 8245 (in the analyser)
Handling equipment: 8.4-inch' Graphic- LCD screen
splash-water-protected keypad
automatic startup
data storage for 30 days
perestation in 24- hours- graph
Analog outputs: 0/4 to 20 mA
Status output: 3 relay contacts (limit values, collective alarm)
Serial interface: RS 232
Ambient conditions: non- aggressive environment, ambient
temperature 5 to 35°C
Power supply: 230/115 V, 50/ 60 Hz
other voltages on request
Cabinet protection: IP 54, glass door
Dimensions: 765 x 600 x 410 mm (H x W x D)
Weight: approx. 70 kg
Option Reagent cabinet for QuickTOC with air preparation unit for QuickTOC consisting of:
Housing with air pump, drain valve, filter and sample container for deionized water and chemicals for production of CO2-free carrier gas. Mounting on LAR mounting rack or wall.

Cartridge filter for ambient air, condition at mounting plate
Fan for reagent cabinet > 30°C

Cabinet Options:
QuickTOC option for Ex zone 2 ATEX, pressurization system
External keyboard

Option Ex-Zone I ATEX:
QuickTOC option for Ex zone 1 ATEX, pressurization system

Analyzer Options:
Mounting rack for Quick analyzer
Option LAR remote control box


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