Series 50 Multi-parameter Controller

One Controller, One Family of Sensors

Simple, Powerful, Affordable

The Chemitec Series 50 controller combines Plug & Play ease of use with support for multiple parameters. The controller simultaneously supports two separate sensors for two separate measurement parameters, selectable from pH/ORP, turbidity, suspended solids and optical dissolved oxygen. Each parameter is supportable alone or in combination.


▲ Eliminates the need for multiple dedicated controllers
▲ Supports 1 or 2 sensors, reducing equipment costs
▲ Supports addition of a second sensor at a later time
▲ Plug & Play operation with all Chemitec digital sensors


Series 50 Multi-parameter Controller for pH, Dissolved Oxygen, suspended solids, turbidity, Nitrate, Ammonia, Conductivity and Chlorine.
Plug & Play with automatic sensor recognition, 144x144 wall mount, supports up to 2 sensors with RS 485 digital output
Measuring range determined by sensor
Automatic or manual Temperature Compensation
Graphic display for simultaneous display of: size, temp., analog and digital output
(set point), alarms. Keyboard programming (5 digits).
Function keys for calibration and graphic display of measurement data.
Internal data logger (4 Mbit flash) with ability to display graphical and tabular trends of measures with an indication of the minimum, maximum and average of the period. Four programmable set points (2 for each measure) for range and activation time.
Output for alarm: min/max delay set point, residence time, failure.
Output for programming automatic electrode cleaning interval and duration.
Digital input for activation and inhibition assays washing remotely. Three programmable analog outputs 0/4 to 20mA. Programmable limits within the measurement range of the sensor (ability to combine 2 equivalent measurements to generate third output averaging the two measurements).
PID control function can be activated on analog or digital (frequency or pulse).
Serial port RS485 with MODBUS RTU protocol.
USB master module to download data on USB Flash Drive 2.0
Ability to simulation outputs via keypad.

Technical Specifications:

• LCD Graphic display 128x128 with background illumination
- Programming keypad with 5 keys.
- Input for temp. sensor PT 100 3-or 4-wire (std.) or NTC PT 1000 (on request).
- Nr. 3 Analog Output 0/4 to 20mA max load 500Ω galvanically separated ( 1 KV).
- Nr. 6 digital outputs - Relay with dry contact - 3A at 230Vac
- Nr.1 Serial Output RS 485 MODBUS RTU protocol
active digital input for dry contact
Power supply 90 to 47 to 240VAC 63Hz
ABS housing for wall mounting. Protection IP 66 Size 144x144x122 mm, 5 (D) Weight 1.0 Kg