ToxAlarm Toxicity Analyzer

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Detect Toxic Substances in Drinking Water and Surface Water

In as little as five minutes

It only takes a small amount of harmful substance to pollute a large amount of water.

Monitoring against toxic events is easy with the ToxAlarm, which combines sensitive respirometry with an easy-to-use touch-screen interface in a tough IP54 enclosure that includes analog and serial communication capabilities to protect your water supply.

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  • Technical Specifications


The nitrification respiration inhibition test.

Nitrifying bacteria need oxygen to convert ammonia to nitrate.
The ToxAlarm measures the oxygen consumed by the bacteria and detects toxic stubstances when they inhibit respiration, which reduces the oxygen consumption. The reduced oxygen consumption enables us to draw conclusions about the toxicity of a sample.
The fermentation vessel for the biomass is separated from the measuring cell, so the biomass cannot be contaminated by the sample.

The measurement process. In less than 5 minutes.

In the first phase, the sample enters the measurement cell where the oxygen uptake is measured. Microorganisms which are not sensitive to harmful substances may also be present in the sample and affect the oxygen consumption. The actual toxicity measurement is based on the initial oxygen concentration. In the second phase a small amount of bacteria is added and the oxygen consumption is measured again.
At a higher rate of consumption, the curve drops steeply, indicating that there is no toxicity in the sample. A flatter curve shows that bacteria have consumed less oxygen, and this indicates that toxins are present in the sample.


ToxAlarm Technical Specification

Measurement Technique and Sample Preparation

Measurement Method: Determination of toxicity through the measurement of oxygen conversion
Bacteria Culture: Nitrifiers
Measurement Range 0 –100 % Toxicity
Response Time 5-10 Minutes (application dependent)
Sample Preparation Maintenance-free particle cutter

Dimensions and Weight

Housing IP 54
Dimensions W 600 x H 1165/1265 x D 558 mm
Weight 70 kg approx.

Electric and Hydraulic Specifications

Inflow and Outflow 20 mm ID tube, 6 x 1 mm and 4 x 1 mm
Power Supply 230 / 115 V~, 50 / 60 Hz, 100 VA
Analog Output 0/4– 20 mA
Serial interface RS 232, Combined alarms, Life-Zero, USB
Remote Control Through TCP/IP Protocol (Internet)

Equipment Devices and Data Output

High resolution and backlit TFT touch screen graphic display, 10.4“
Autostart function Assures continued operation following power outages
User Interface: Self-explanatory software and service checklist
Standard data interfaces, e. g. office PC