Optical Dissolved Oxygen Sensor

Model 423/C/OPT


Low-maintenance D.O. for Aeration Control in Wastewater Treatment

Chemitec's Model S423 C Dissolved Oxygen & Temperature probe uses optical luminescence to provide accurate Dissolved Oxygen measurement in a durable, low-maintenance design. Features selectable measuring ranges and sixty-second response time for rapid control of blowers in aeration basins. Available in stainless steel (Model S423 C OPT) or PVC (Model S423 C OPT PVC). The Model 423 provides plug-and-play ease of use, and is compatible with the Chemitec Series 50 Controller.

Technical Specifications:

423/C/OPT Oxygen and Temperature. Digital Sensor
Measuring principle: Luminescence
Measuring range: 0 ... 20 ppm / 0 ... 200% Saturation / 0 ... 45 ° C
Accuracy: ± 0.1 ppm or ± 1%
Response time: 90% of the value in less than 60 sec.
Operating temperature: 0 ... 60°C Maximum operating pressure 5 bar.
316L Stainless Steel Body
Analog / digital interface: RS485 Modbus RTU active
Dimensions: (Ø x L) mm. 33.4x 181 (ø x L). IP68 protection.
Complete with 10m cable and connector